Summer camps are filling up faster than ever and there is no better time than now to start brainstorming plans, looking at camps and finding opportunities in 2022 where kids can unplug, connect with others and tune into nature.


“It’s clear that developing a balanced relationship with technology and spending more time outdoors is essential for children’s physical and emotional health” says Paul Dreyer, Avid4 Adventure CEO. “This summer, more than ever we want to focus on getting kids outside, away from screens and in a stress-free environment that inspires growth, fosters connection and empowers kids to learn tools for confident decision making and problem solving.”

That’s why we picked the top five reasons to send your kid to camp next summer.

  1. Gain Self-Confidence – Summer camp offers kids the opportunity to grow both physically and emotionally in a supportive and ‘brave space’ — spaces that are open, honest, intentional, with risk assessment and management at the forefront. It’s proven that kids gain confidence outdoors and this builds self-esteem not just at camp but in school, team sports and at home.
  2. Get Unplugged – Too many kids these days are connected (and even addicted) to screens which leads to excess stress and anxiety. Summer camp is a great place for kids to connect with each other and turn off their devices and tune into nature together.
  3. Lean into Positive Risk – Camp is an opportunity for kids to learn new skills and activities and get out of their comfort zone and learn tools for positive risk taking. These tools include anticipating consequences, discerning potential outcomes and building confidence to make sound decisions.
  4. Let the Outdoors Inspire and Reinvigorate You- Spending time in the outdoors is proven to increase happiness, self-esteem and appreciation for nature. At camp, kids are outside and actively engaging in activities all day while fostering a lifetime of gratitude for the outdoors and a spirit of adventure. Avid4 offers a plethora of activities including: mountain biking, paddle boarding, rock climbing, kayaking, canoeing, backpacking, rafting, survival skills and more.
  5. Inclusive and Positive Adult Role Modeling- Summer camp offers kids an inclusive space to have meaningful interactions with others and learn to work together as a team both with camp staff and other campers. It’s also an opportunity for kids and teens to have positive, inclusive and compassionate adult role modeling from camp leaders in a welcoming and brave environment.

“Whether it’s Avid4 Adventure or another local summer camp, we encourage parents and families to look into experiential opportunities for kids to build confidence and connection outside the school and home,” says Dreyer.

Avid operates camps across the U.S. with locations in: Colorado, California, Washington, Maine, Massachusetts, Illinois, Oregon and Minnesota. For more information on Avid visit,

Active Kids Zone

Rock ‘N’ Kids
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Great Lakes Volleyball Center
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Suburban Family’s “Super Summer Camps”
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