On Putting: Rolling Along Together

Because putting represents 40 to 50% of the shots add up to a golfer’s score in a round of golf, there is no limit to how good your putting stroke should be.  A square putter face at impact is the key mechanical ingredient in making a putt from any distance.

A good practice drill to check your face position at impact is to place two balls, side by side, barely touching. The balls should be placed so they are both perpendicular to the intended line of putt.

Then hit them both with a single putting stroke. If the putter is square at impact, the balls will roll side by side. If not, one ball will roll ahead of the other, indicating that ball was hit before the other one.  This will help you determine if the putter face was open or closed at contact.

Adjust your stroke and try it again. Learn the feel and mechanical position of the square face and practice this drill until you can hit 90% of your practice putts square.

DuPage Golf
PGA Professional Jamie Nieto
The Preserve at Oak Meadows
900 N. Wood Dale Rd.
Addison, IL 60101

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