Lutheran Home: Talking With Your Parents About Assisted Living
Talking about future housing and care needs can be a challenge. But Hearthstone at Lutheran Home offers many health and social benefits—and learning about them can help inform a productive discussion. With the quick tips below, families can work together to plan for successful aging.

When Should You Talk About Assisted Living?
Be proactive. Talk with your parents about the benefits of life at Hearthstone early. Consider having the discussion in person and inviting family members into the conversation.

Be patient. They will likely have many questions, and you may want to enlist the advice of a physician or financial planner for assistance.

Do your homework
Know what your parents need help with. As you look around their current home, observe carefully and make notes when you leave. Your observations may help you understand which of Hearthstone’s many services will be necessary.

Explore Together
Once you have a list of communities, ask your parents which ones they’d like to visit and offer to arrange tours. Make it a team effort!

Making a Decision for Successful Aging
As you and your parents reach the decision-making point, show your continued respect for their wishes. Remind them that they’ll have the freedom to focus on hobbies or social activities rather than household chores.

Let them know how important their health and safety are to you, and that assisted living can ensure they will have access to the support they may need now and in the future. And above all, reassure them that they are the decision makers, and that you want to help them choose an assisted living community where they will be happy.

If you are interested in discussing assisted living or other care options for you or your loved one, please call Michelle Franzak at (224) 259-00

Shepherd’s Flock Goes Beyond
Shepherd’s Flock Intergenerational Child Care provides the unique opportunity for children and adults to interact in a variety of activities. The benefits to the adults and to the children in our care are many. Building with Legos may help toddlers develop skills, while assisting an adult with honing their own.

Located in Arlington Heights, Shepherd’s Flock prides itself on being community focused, where many families form lasting bonds.

“The friendships formed here carry beyond our doors. The children who grew here, have formed lifelong relationships.” – Jennifer Soukup, Director of Shepherd’s Flock.

To learn more visit or call 847.368.7391.



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