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Nickol Knoll Golf Club
Facility of Arlington Heights Park District
3800 N. Kennicott Avenue, Arlington Heights

  • Steve Jenne, PGA Head Teaching Professional
  • Sae Yoon, PGA Assistant Professional
  • Tim Govern, PGA Manager of Golf Operations
  • Matt Yarc, Assistant Golf Professional

Golf Tip from your Arlington Professionals…Chip and Run
Most golfers will have better results for short shots around the green by playing shots that land just on the putting surface and roll like putts to the hole.   Choice of club can vary anywhere from a five-iron for a shot across the green all the way to a sand wedge, dependent on the length the ball needs to run.  I often use the seven-iron for longer chips…the pitching wedge if the hole is closer.  You certainly want to pick a club that allows you to land the ball on the green…not in the fringe.  The stroke is fairly short…just enough to get the ball on the green and rolling.  You should experiment with different clubs to get a good feel.  Play the ball back off your right foot and keep the left wrist leading for solid contact.

Use this method for consistent play around the green…only use the “flop shot” with the sand wedge when extreme height is necessary to stop the ball quickly.  Good luck saving strokes in 2021!

If you need help with your short game, or any other aspect of the game, the PGA professionals of the Arlington Heights Park District are here to help make your golf game more enjoyable.

DuPage Golf
Assistant Golf Professional Travis Cedzidlo
The Preserve at Oak Meadows
900 N. Wood Dale Rd., Addison, IL 60101

Golf Tip: Stop the Scoop
A majority of your strokes during a round of golf take place on and around the greens. On chip and pitch shots, many golfers make the mistake of trying to help the ball into the air by “scooping” it off the turf. When scooping, golfers allow weight to hang back which causes the club to approach the ball on a path that is either too steep or too shallow. To avoid bladed or chunked shots, practice hitting chips and pitches with your weight “parked” on your front leg. As a practice drill, put 100 percent of your weight on your front leg and keep it there from setup through the finish of your swing. To make sure you’re doing so, set up and swing with your back foot off the ground, using only the toes on your back foot for balance. This will force you to keep your weight forward, letting the club swing down into the ball at the appropriate angle, which helps the ball pop off the turf. Once you start to feel the crisp contact, you can bring your trail leg back into the picture, but still keep around 80 percent of your weight on the front leg.

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