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Free Your Head!

How many times have you been told to keep your head still during the swing?

If you’ve listened to this advice, you’ve also probably lost both distance and accuracy.  The pros don’t keep their heads perfectly still and neither should you.  Trying to keep head perfectly still can limit your body’s turning and shifting actions.

In fact, an overly still steady can cause you to rock your weight toward the target on the backswing (a reverse pivot), and then rock your weight away from the target on the downswing (fire and fall back).

Keep the head too still and you’ll hit the shot you hate most with the driver… the high banana slice.

Look closely at a professional and you’ll see they allow their head to rotate away from the target on the backswing to encourage shoulder and upper-body windup.

Stop listening to stale advice and throw away any head-stabilizer gadgets you may have hanging around your house.

There’s a secret to create power for longer tee shots. The more you want upper-body coil, clubhead speed, and distance, the more you rotate your head to your right (away from the target) on the backswing.  Of course, you must keep your balance.  When you do, you’ll unleash a powerhouse into the ball!



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