For some people, the first sign of snow means it is time to dig out the wool socks and blankets and go into hibernation. For others, though, it means time to wax those skis and hit the slopes!


Skiing is an incredible sport that involves physical, mental, social and emotional aspects of wellness. Often times winter can bring people into a depression called Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.). Skiing combines the great outdoor air with physical activity and some sunshine exposure that many people forget about. With a year like we’ve had, skiing is an outdoor activity families can choose to do safely within CDC guidelines, outdoors.

Ski gear is expensive so if you’re a first-timer then rent your skis or snowboard, ski boots and ski poles, otherwise, pack it.

Nothing ruins skiing quite like getting wet so make sure you pack the right ski clothing to stay dry. Again, first-timers can rent or borrow a ski jacket but if you’re looking to get your own then there are two key things to look out for: waterproof rating and breathability. When it comes to ski clothing, the most well-known and trusted materials used for waterproofing and breathability are Gore-Tex and eVent. Waterproofing is essential for ski pants as they get more snow on them as you fall over, sit on chairlifts or sit on the snow waiting for your friends. Same rules apply as ski jackets: rent or buy if it’s your first time.

A helmet is the most important item you will wear on the slopes. If you don’t want to buy one or if you forget to pack yours, you can rent one for under at most ski resorts. It could mean the difference between another lap on the slopes or a trip to the hospital. Just wear it.

You need goggles to avoid glare, increase contrast and they’re important for protection from the cold, wind or debris which is why they are preferred over sunglasses.

Ski Gloves or mittens. are a most. Just make sure they’re waterproof and insulated.

Socks could be the difference between a good day or a bad day. Get a good pair of socks, either a tall woolen pair or if you’re vegan/environmentally conscious, opt for some eco socks made from Tencel that will still keep your feet warm and dry!

Places to ‘hit the slopes’…

By Sherry Wells

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