Keller’s Farmstand is synonymous with family fun for all seasons! Spring flower & garden; fresh summer produce and sweet corn; harvest season apple orchard, corn maze, and a HUGE pumpkin patch!

Now, Keller’s has the most beautiful Sunflower and Cut Flower fields! Three acres of different varieties of cheery sunflowers plus two acres of perennial blooms, like Cosmos, Gladiolus, Zinnia and much, much more! Did you know that some sunflowers are rich russet? Or the most pale ivory? Have you ever been immersed in perennials of amethyst or crimson or coral or saffron?

Experience the beauty of Keller’s Flower Fields on weekends through August 21, and bring home a U-pick bouquet of flowers! Plus, your entry ticket gives you access to Keller’s Summer Playground for the kids. They play, you pick! It’s great outdoor fun for the whole family, and it’s an easy local trip away!

The Farmstand is also open for your produce and specialty food shopping.  Visit for more information and to reserve your tickets!


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