What to Know About Kids’ Foot & Ankle Health: Advice for Parents with Active Children!

Now that school has started and fall sports are in full swing, your kids need the best foot and ankle care they can get. Whether it’s guidance about any new pain or an injury evaluation, the doctors at Northern Illinois Foot & Ankle Specialists are here to help your family one step at a time!

After a long summer spent running around the neighborhood parks and enjoying their time with friends, kids are back in school. For many, they’re wearing shoes for activities and sports they haven’t worn in several months or at all. Or they’re trying to fit into closed-toe shoes, skates, cross-trainers or cleats that aren’t a perfect fit, or even for the sport they’re playing. This is something we like to talk to parents about before there’s a foot or ankle problem with their child. Below are tips to help get your kids ready for fall sports and activities:

  • If they’re using hand-me-downs, make sure the shoes fit & aren’t worn down
  • Look out for imbalance, heel pain or swelling. Kids’ “growing pains” are a
    myth and consistent discomfort should be evaluated by our doctors right away
  • If your child does experience a foot or ankle break or sprain, a specialist can
    treat the ailment with more expertise than the ER…and will save you money!

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