We are so excited to bring back the tradition of our annual Christmas show after being closed during Christmas of 2020!

Join us this year, November 26 – December 18,  as we share the tale of the legendary Christmas tree ships that traversed Lake Michigan in the treacherous winter months to deliver Christmas trees to immigrant families in Chicago .Based on a true story this tale includes all the elements that make a fabulous show including music, history, love and loss.

Rooted deep in Chicago history, The Christmas Schooner is a well-known Chicagoland Christmas favorite. Perfect for all ages this is a show you will want to experience with your family and friends! We are excited to bring this show to the Overshadowed stage for the very first time!

Located at 900 Foster Avenue in Medinah, Illinois. Get your tickets now at www.overshadowed.org or call 630.634.2100.

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