Power Your Mind: Tools to Build Resilience is a new workbook for teens that uses graphic novel panels to illustrate healthy ways of coping with stressful everyday situations. Power Your Mind can be used as a self-guided tool or as part of a group workshop. It provides ways for dealing with situations such as a running late for an event, insecurity about belonging to a group, or fearful anticipation in uncertain circumstances.  The workbook teaches cognitive-behavioral techniques. You will learn more than 100 “tools” to help calm you when you get worked up about an average, common situation. For more information about this new youth program, email info@poweryourmind.org or visit www.poweryourmind.org.

For 85 years, Recovery International has been helping adults achieve better mental health using a peer-led, 4-step method and tools. Power Your Mind adapts this evidence-based program for young adults. For more information about Recovery International visit www.recoveryinternational.org.

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