Power Your Mind: Tools to Build Resilience is a new workbook for teens that uses graphic novel panels to illustrate healthy ways of coping with stressful everyday situations. A recent survey of 3,300 young people aged 13-19 conducted by the America’s Promise Alliance found that more than “1 in 4 young people reported an increase in losing sleep because of worry, feeling unhappy or depressed, feeling constantly under strain, or experiencing a loss of confidence in themselves.”

Power Your Mind can be used as an independent, self-help tool or as part of a group workshop. It provides ways for dealing with situations such as a running late for an event, insecurity about belonging, or anger over rudeness.  The workbook teaches cognitive-behavioral techniques found in the book Mental Health Through Will Training by Dr. Abraham Low. For more information about the new youth program and to download free mini-zines, email info@poweryourmind.org or visit www.poweryourmind.org.

For more than 80 years, Recovery International has been helping adults achieve better mental health using a peer-led, cognitive behavioral, 4-step method and tools. Power Your Mind adapts this evidence-based program for young people. For more information about Recovery International visit www.recoveryinternational.org.

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