Suburban Family Contest Winners

Suburban Family contest winners …

Congratulations to our winners…and thank you to everyone who entered!

THREE “Survey Contest” winners for $50 dining certificates to Catch 35 are…
(Awarded 1.02.23)

  • Ally Simkins, Des Plaines
  • Sherry V, Bartlett
  • Jason Avelar, Glendale Heights

FIVE winners 10 (ten) tickets to “Joliet Slammers Baseball”
(Awarded 6.13.22)
  • Kate Quinn
  • Brittney Carradine
  • Roberta Hughes Jones
  • Patti Block-Thompson
  • Jenna Augustine

ONE Winner 4 (four) tickets to “Jurassic Quest”
(Announced 11.03.21)

  • M. Gluz (unclaimed)

ONE winner of 4 (four) tickets to “Go Ape! Treetop Adventure or Journey” 
(Awarded 7.23.21)

  • Michelle Mossey Vosdoganes

TWO winners of “$50 Gift Certificates to Catch 35”

  • Karen Katecki, Lisle
  • Samantha, Westmont

FOUR (4)  Tickets to “Ice Castles in Lake Geneva”
(Awarded  1.22.21)

  • Jessica VenDenack Perez

THREE winners 4 (four)  “Ski Lift Tickets to Cascade Mountain”
(Awarded 2.07.20)

  • Shawn Peters
  • Merriyah Myers
  • Stephanie Pavisic Sojka

THREE winners 4 (four) tickets to “Disney on Ice – Road Trip Adventures”
(Awarded 1.31.20)

  • Robert Cooksey
  • Gabriel Ocampo
  • Jamie Hoffrage Bartillotta

ONE winner 4 (four)  “Ski Lift Tickets to Cascade Mountain”

  • Dorothy Leja Coop (Awarded 1.11.20)


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