The March / April 2022 issue of Suburban Family  is ready and available…and it’s loaded with plenty of planning activities for the whole family. Enjoy! Suburban Family’s printed version hits the streets starting 1/28/22.


This issue’s articles…

  • Why Gardening Can Be a Calming Activity
  • Swing into Spring
  • On Stage
  • 6 Birthday Party Life Lessons Learned
  • Party Places
  • 7 Reasons Parents Should Consider
  • Sending Their Child to Camp
  • Summer Camp Source
  • Get your child ready for adventure and fun
  • Building Resiliency in Children
  • Activity Schedules for Children with Autism
  • Early Signs of Autism
  • Why Run?
  • Why Should Kids Run?
  • What to Keep in Mind When Running a 5K
  • 2022 Annual Race Guide
  • Chicago area Events Calendar
  • Dining Out 

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