The Preserve at Oak Meadows
900 N. Wood Dale Rd., Addison
Travis Cedzidlo, First Assistant Golf Professional

Putting From Off the Green
There are many extra factors to consider when putting from off the green including turf length/condition, distance, slope, obstacles, and more. A lot of these tricky factors simply take practice to learn, but there are a few fundamentals to help you as you gain experience with this shot. First, use your regular putter grip. Regardless of the lie, you’re still making a putting stroke, so use whatever grip you would use if you were on the green. Next, stand a little taller at address. This allows your arms to swing more freely and get an extra bit of momentum into the golf ball. It is also important to not hit down on the ball. Instead, set up with your hands even with or slightly behind the golf ball to add a touch of loft. This will help the ball avoid getting caught in the turf. Finally, as with all putts, make sure your backswing and follow through lengths match. For a longer putt, take the putter back a little further, but make sure your follow through travels the same distance. Keep these things in mind to help yourself nestle more putts up close from off the green!

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